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You know how people struggle with the culmination of stress from both their work and personal lives? Perhaps they fear that reaching out to get help will result in the loss of their job.  So, rather than seek out help, they bottle it up and operate in survival mode instead of thriving.


What I do is provide the confidentiality and anonymity to get help.  While I work with ALL populations, I specialize in first responders, medical professionals, veterans/military, and their families.  Being a first responder provides me the insight specific to the unique culture that first responders and their families function within. Being part of a military family myself, I have experience in the sacrifices made by everyone in the family, not just the service member. 

Most people don’t have to be in therapy for years.  I use practices that are shown through research to be effective for trauma, PTSD, grief/loss, and moral injury. Some involve talking while others, require not disclosing your trauma at all! They can be effective in as little as 2-3 hours! 

What would your life look like if your trauma didn't control you? What would be different? 

I look forward to connecting with you. Contact me today!


My name is Angela Matthews

I'm so happy you dropped in!

Life throws us challenges all the time and sometimes we need a little help to navigate those situations. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you. 

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Contact Me

I look forward to connecting with you. Contact me today!

I am located in the office of the Center for Trauma Recovery and Counseling Collective.

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3181 Prairie Street SW

Suite 114

Grandville, MI 49418

Tel: (517) 329-3993 or (616) 256-0196

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