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While serving as a first responder for over 18 years, I recognized the need for access to mental health services within the communities I served. After more research, I realized it's not just a local need, but a national one.  I returned to college and obtained my Masters of Social Work from Michigan State University. Now, my passion is assisting individuals struggling with their own trauma with healing. 

I have experience providing general counseling however, my niche is with first responders, medical professionals, veterans/military, their spouses, and families. I have extensive training in crisis intervention, am certified through the International Association of Hostage Negotiators, and am an ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Champion through the Michigan ACE Initiative. Additionally, I am part of the CSWE Military and First Responder Track aiding in developing curriculum that is culturally competent for serving first responder and military populations.  I have a combat veteran certification through MSU School of Social Work and I utilize several evidence based practices that have been proven to be effective with navigating PTSD and trauma.


The great part is with some methods of treatment you have the opportunity to share your story while with others you do NOT have to share your traumatic experience with me at all.  It can work in as little as one 2-3 hour appointment! We then build on those appointments to provide you tools to reframe your thoughts and behaviors to ensure you achieve the goals we identify together. In addition to generalized counseling, I specialize in treating trauma, moral injury, grief/loss, and PTSD. Several treatment methods I utilize are EMDR, CPT, and Trauma Resilience Process (TRP) while working with trauma processing. 

To meet any agency specific needs, I am CISM/CISD trained and have facilitated numerous critical incident debriefs.  I have operated on a peer support unit for over 8 years and have served as a law enforcement liaison collaborating with community mental health professionals and mental health court. If your agency is looking for assistance with establishing a peer support unit or looking for a mental health professional to provide critical incident debriefs, I look forward to connecting to consult on your agencies unique needs.

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