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Consulting Services

On-site Training

Every organization is unique and should be treated as such. Your agency's needs differ from others. I will listen and create customized training that will be provided in person at a designated site you provide.

Web-based Training

With staffing concerns being an huge barrier for attending training, I offer an alternative. The benefit...your staff gets trained and you don't have to pull them from their shifts. I offer pre-recorded and live webinars (depending on your preference) so that your staff can attend at their own pace while they are working!  Head on over to the courses to select the trainings you want and begin today! 

Critical Incident Support

Critical and mass casualty incidents support is offered in-person. We will discuss some basics for when I arrive such as a location and a point of contact for any technical questions I have however, I provide the support to your staff so you can focus on the immediate crisis response.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE's) Training

As a Champion though the MI ACE Initiative, I will provide FREE trainings on Adverse Childhood Experiences. *Cost for travel and lodging (if necessary) if beyond the Greater Lansing Area. Live virtual options also available. 

Mental Health Professional Team

I provide consultation on creating a mental health professional team that you can activate during a mass casualty/critical incident so that your first responders can attend to their primary roles while ensuring that individuals/families have the immediate support they require.

Cultural Competency Training

Training for mental health professionals, medical professionals, educators, and other professionals who want to expand their cultural competency and understanding of working with first responders. Perhaps you are law enforcement and are looking to enhance your cultural competency of mental health and navigating with professionals in the field. Regardless, I have you covered.


Thank you for your interest. I look forward to connecting with you.

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